UP Summit XC4 – first impression (final version)

Having a chance to fly over 2 hours last weekend, let me put short impressions for new UP Summit XC4. First day was almost laminar with only few thermal bubbles, 6-7 ms wind. Second day started 5 ms wind and it picked up, I decided to go home when it was 8 ms, thermal activity was good despite some high clouds and inversion.

Take off – easy, no special observations.
Handling – I have new harness for fun (Sky Gii2), and brakes seems higher than usual at Lightness 2. But they are quite short compared to Kibo and also UP Summit XC3 if I remember well. The stall point is easy to recognize, there is still a lot of time until it falls back, but at Kibo it is definetely more far down.
The turns are quick and fast even for short input, combined with weightshift it gives really nice dynamic. For flat turns, the outside brake must be burried moderately.
Feeling – thermals were broken, from weak to moderate (1-2,5 ms in center), I would say it was therefore turbulent, but I did not felt so. Summit is very compact, even the biting move (forward <-> backward) I did not notice. I had no big issue going close to airspace limit, despite not optimal thermals. Only once I felt close to collapse, when I was taking photos flying out of thermal, but no luck.
Performance – trim speed is higher than usual. I flew in middle, 75-88-100 kg and I was the fastest on trim. I pushed speed only few times and the acceleration is very nice, going over 25 km/h forward when xctrack shows 8 ms wind. For other aspects had not enough comparison data.
Ears are stable, do not open itself.
There are balls at risers but I was unable to turn by them. The C risers control seems not possible, or possible with issues (holding C line, not riser). Need to check it, it would be a pity.

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  1. Thank you very much for both the reviews on the Summit XC4, were very helpful!
    Ignacio from Argentina 🙂

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