UP Summit XC4 – first experience with prototype

Recently I had a chance to fly UP Summit XC4 prototype. Luckily during testing day in Garmisch-Partenkirchen I met all possible conditions, from calm air with minimum wind to violent thermals, landing in turbulent 10 ms valley wind and calm soaring with many wingovers. As having some experience with XC3 version I liked this version more. Interested in reasons?

Shorter brakes – on older version I needed wraps in tight thermals, this prototype has the brakes shorter. No wraps needed even in tight thermals.

Softer speed bar – during competition on XC3 last year my legs were tired from third day. This speed bar feels much more comfortable.

Ears are absolutely stable, to reopen they need a brakes’ input. It means comfortable cloud sucking, oh yeah!

Flat polar, glide on full speed only slightly lower than on trim. Checked only in morning calm conditions but was not able to compare with anyone 🙁

Stability, even in 3-5 ms thermals, only a minor active pilotage was required. And I flew bigger version, therefore being close to minimum weight.

Agility, wingovers are too high for me on this glider and natural dumping is minimal. I still prefer doing them on Kibo 🙂

Spiral – no special observations.

Asymetricals on trim – still like a puppy, real EN-B.

Hope it will be finished by Spring.

Disclaimer: final version can be different 😉






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