Some facts from recent fatal accidents

This article is just known facts from Czech pilots deaths during last 2 years. A sad topic, but reading may educate other pilots.

In Slovakia, flying at thermic condition with other pilots a pilot got a front stall. He probably panicked, braked deeply and released after few seconds. His EN-A glider overshot intensively and pilot fell into the canopy, followed by a fall to ground. Other pilots landed and tried to give him first aid as soon as possible and urged for a helicopter several times. Despite closest hospital was 2 km, it took 2 hours for medics to get to him. Pilot died on the ground.

A pilot flew on strong thermic day with other pilots in Greece. Due to some witnesses, pilot got probably some collapse leading to a cascade. He was unsuccessful solving the cascade and did not throw a reserve. A pilot flew EN-C glider, but his license was max EN-B. Unfortunately it took 5 hours to get medics to him, despite repeated urgency for a helicopter, none were available. Pilot died in a hospital.

During a strong wind combined with strong thermic activity, many pilots used one of flyable days to soar/thermals. A pilot on a small hill in Czech Republic had a 60% asymetric collapse close to ground, leading to turn and hit the hill in 60-70 km/h. The injuries were lethal and despite quick first aid from pilots and from medics few minutes later, he died soon after the hit. He flew on EN-C glider, his license was till EN-B. A THC was found in his blood. He flew on overloaded glider. Pilot flew regularly, only from this hill.

When 20 m above ground the towing line broke in Czech Republic. Pilot flew on low EN-B glider, he braked intensively and did not let glider regain speed, died shortly after the fall. Pilot did not fly often last years. Tests after this accident showed if pilot did nothing he should make it without any harm. No mistake of towing operator were identified.

A pilot died on Stol close to Slovenia/Italy border. No one saw what happened. The rescue was not deployed. His friends called emergency about ten minutes after the accident could happened as they took off this time later, tried to topland and help but unsuccessfully. It took a long time for medics to get there, as they discussed who will go there for some time (Italians or Slovenians). Pilot flew his low EN-B glider this day, despite he tried high EN-B recently.


It was a very sad two years. Let us who are still lucky to fly learn from those mistakes. I believe each reader can find his own conclusion from facts mentioned.


In Czech Republic we have 3 levels of pilot’s license. “Pilot” – Max EN B, “Sport pilot” – Max EN D, “Comepetition pilot” – All. There is a regular discussion if this is necessary, as pilots may ignore their level without direct consequences, despite for any pilot who takes paragliding seriously, its requirements are quite low, 4 decent xc flights and showed standard SIV maneuvers for highest level.

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