Pouso Alegre – a too normal town

For me it is interesting to visit an ordinary city. On a map Pouso is surrounded by mountains but in reality it was small hills. The weather is not flyable and my host offers me her bike to borrow so I plan a small trip around.

On internet I find many interesting routes but most of them are around 50 km. It seems too much for me as I do not have proper equipment and fitness also lacks. So I decide to visit statue of Christo (similar to Rio or Pocos), should be a decent 30 km trip.

Travelling through the city I notice it is not nice and have almost no parks. The weather seems ok but after first hill I realize it is very hot. I also do not trust the borrowed bike, seems like supermarket bikes where you never know when it breaks. It is not a shame here to push bike uphill and with this trick a very slow biker is always behind me, so I am really in a bad shape.

Behind the city I see beautiful nature. Some biker goes along and greets me but he is way too fast, and soon far away. Going uphill I push often, meeting several animals, beautiful butterflies and parrots. There is only a congratulation for me to choose a short trip as it takes me 2 hours climbing all the way to the top.

The view is very nice but visibility is extremely poor due to strong inversion layer. The statue is surrounded by electricity poles with wires, a lot of wires. A real effort needs to be used to have a photo without them. As I notice the door inside I cannot resist but check it. A garbage and dark, no surprises but I was inside the Christ :-).

When going out there is a dog in the door watching at me. I have quite a respect as there is noone around. The dog reacts to my second or third command to move and I leave. He is in my vinicity for a while but then dissapear inside a statue. An impressive dog houses are here! I watch the birds failing to climb repeatedly and also a small birds who can jump the stairs, generally 3 times higher then them. At first I suspect them cheating with wings but even some serious stalking I think they did not cheat.

Going back down the hill should be easy, but I am very careful for the brakes. The trust in my bike is missing. However in a short uphill part a pedal falls down. Fixing the problem should be easy but after deeper inspection I realize the thread is torn off and it is not possible. So last 8 km I go on with one pedal, pushing all uphills. In a shop I buy a big bottle of water and it was a good decision. What an adventure from such a small trip.

Next day I am tired from my bike trip so change the plans and just visit the town. But all is closed except drugsores, fortunately I found one grocery shop. I plan PWC in Argentina, accomodation and most importantly my comp glider. Having extra 6 kg and quite a volume in the backpack is very annoying so I want to post it home.

Preparing the package was quite a challenge and took me 3 hours to have all required equipment. My host helped me in the post, as the ladies were extremely slow and they robbed me for quite amount of money but still worth it. We go for a lunch and I leave for Itajuba.

On a bus station a policeman goes to me and asks something about my backpack. I am worried I did something wrong but after that I understand just word “piloto”. I nod and he started some sentences, I understand he also flies. Not able to communicate really sucks so he leave me soon. In Itajuba some person asks me “piloto” too. We communicate little bit through translator. Sad I have only a sleepover to Rio as it might be flyable in two days.

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