Ozone Delta 3 – first impression

During a testival in Kossen I had a chance to fly Ozone Delta 3 MS (at ~87 in 75-95 range). I wrote some impressions.

Handling seemed nice and I would use to it fast. Feeling was slightly more lively I would prefer in Alps, but great to weak conditions. There is a very high feedback from brakes. C-risers is quite fast, I tried even some broader 360°s with them.
Excellent climbing! Thermals above big hills are usually easy for newbies, but tried finding a weak “morning” thermal above valley meadows. Found small bubbles, 0,3-0,5 ms mostly, very rarely (probably 2 bubbles joined to) a very short and narrow 1 ms. I had no ambitions but Delta 3 rised! Slowly, other 2 pilots tried to fly to me but they quickly abandoned this try. Not me, and after some searching of stronger part I slowly raised few hundred meters. Good job Delta! I am sure on my UP Summit XC4 it would not be as easy.
Ears are super stable, maybe too much. After pumping release is quick but last 20% are still stucked. Getting the last part open was quite challenging to me.
I tried some small asymetricals and it required very high strength to initiate a collapse.

Bar is soft and fine short. As for performance, I had no direct comparison, so only from machines showing topspeed and sinkrate I did not notice any different numbers than on my UP Summit XC4 (6.3 AR), I would only say Delta may be 1-2 kmh slower on top speed.

Delta 3 is surely a great glider to weak conditions but flying above spring alps I would take ballast with me.

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