Never give up

Last trip gave me a nice experience. With a friend we went to Tolmin to join other friends attending Polish Open. Forecast promised average days, nothing special but nice local flying. However we got a nice surprise.

First day I flew task with competitors and landed due to strong head wind after 1 hour. But I saw it was possible to slip along Stol to place better facing the wind, get up, and finish the task.
Second day I flew task again (on Lijak) and was in very similar situation near Nova Gorica. This time I did not panic, slipped close to trees through critical part, then soared and waited for a thermal, and was one of few who flew pass critical 3rd turnpoint and (would) be a nice comp result.
Last day my friend was very pesimistic on the take off area. West wind, poor cumulus clouds, moist, inversion. We planned to go to camping and will be happy to make it. Despite we got to Gemona and back. When first gliders got up, we took off. In head wind on Mrzly and Stol, all the training worked like charm and the rest of this classical trip was as usual relatively easy.
Nice finish of the trip with 100km journey (first 100 for my friend).

One thought on “Never give up”

  1. It reminds me the story about the bumblebee. It has been scientifically proven that the bumblebee, which has so big body and so small wings, absolutely can’t fly according to law of aerodynamics. But he hasn’t any of this knowledge, so he flies… 🙂

    It wants something similar before every takeoff. Just free your mind, stay focused, be prepared to everything and try to make your the best. Despite the fact that it’s easy to say, but harder it’s done.

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