Gradient Bright 5 / Denali impressions

EN-A is often described as lazy and non-agile. It was a while since I flew EN-A glider, probably 5 years. Did not have any comparable experience but many pilots rush to EN-B category. What modern EN-A offers in eyes of experienced (almost 1000 hours) pilot?

Test configuration was Advance Success 4 harness and about 85 kg of 75-100 kg range.
I always say, performance lies in the pilot, not in glider. Is it the same for agility? (could not compare performance that weak day). During a after-lunch break I had two short flights but there was obvious, that lack of agility is not truth, but as brakes are long, pilot needs to react with longer brake input. The obvious tendency to calm down from any unstable position is a must for a school glider. I had no issues to induce nice dolphins or wingunders just with second or third try. My wingovers are shitty but I know I can trust this glider for first tries, if just the height was more!!!
The speedbar lacks the real impact to speed, but it is not a sink bar too. Ear are very stable, collapses on trim non events, very difficult to induce and reopened in blink of eye.
I tried the fullstall point and even with halfwraps it was soo hard and took soo long to initiate before it started to fall back, that the safety here cannot be higher, maybe impossible to initiate without some wraps.
As a summary, I was very pleased with fly on Denali. Yes, I had to use halfwraps but interesting is that I use them also with my UP Trango XR (AR6,9) and cannot imagine not usage of halfwraps with Skywalk Cayenne 4. Denali has “almost blank” space for brakes, which seems a good for beginners and it is very resistant to stalling. Safe feeling and decent speedbar to get you out of trouble, a really nice glider for first flights.

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