UP Guru – first impressions

I had an opportunity to fly at paragliding world cup in Argentina an UP Guru, a (CCC) Civl Competition Class glider. There is not many better options to fly. We had a good mixture of conditions from extremely weak to very windy with strong thermals. So here are some impressions after 15 hours. I flew in Advance Lightness 2 harness ballasted to 95-98 kg, the Guru S/M is for a range 90-105 kg.

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School EN-A glider usability for cross country

Every year I read discussions of impotent EN-A school gliders, especially in flats. As a curious mammal I needed to validate it. Fortunately I know well some school owners and agreed to borrow an EN-A certified – UP Ascent 4 (next “School glider”) for some test flights. Not sure how different are other brands.

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