Efficient paragliding training 2 – practical training

Safety is important. A small injury is annoying, big injury is dangerous. Risk approach is individual and change with age, I prefer to mitigate all basic risks and grow these customs from beginning of flying.

Lets focus to most critical parts of flying, takeoff and landing and how to mitigate risk with training to an acceptable level. Continue reading “Efficient paragliding training 2 – practical training”

Efficient paragliding training 1 – Introduction and theory

There is a single good reason to become a skilled pilot, he flies safely. As a bonus, skilled pilot can enjoy amazing paragliding for longer time during the same day. I witnessed several accidents and all of them were easily avoidable by a standard skill set, and because I struggled to find some knowledge and relations, I created these short articles. My ambitions have never been to be the best pilot, nor is this article’s creating one. Continue reading “Efficient paragliding training 1 – Introduction and theory”