Pocos do Caldas

In two days should be a nice flying weather but I am too “overflown” in Andradas. There is a one hour bus drive to Pocos do Caldas where are some nice flight on xcontest paragliding website, so decision is made.

There is some airspace but some recent flights too so I will see. When putting my backpack to storage, the driver asks me if I go to bus station, so I say yes. My answer cause me some trouble later.

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A World cup in Andradas, Brasil

Andradas is a relatively small town of 50 000 people living bellow mountains. It has high altitude of 800 meters above sea, so the temperature in the end of Summer is still acceptable for most of the day. The town contains some nice areas with churches or parks, and many ugly areas with parking places. There are many shops with cosmetics and optics.

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