Advance Sigma 10 – first impressions

I was lucky to get new Sigma 10 for flight. Ziad’s reviews are always positive, but the one for S10 is extremely positive. My experience was limited mostly to 50 minutes of soaring strong but laminar wind (7-10 ms), fortunately with tiny thermic activity.

Take off in strong wind was very easy, but second time I got ear stucked and glider was strongly pushed to side. I remained in control, but I felt and looked like a newbie for few seconds.

Ears are super easy and stable. Getting out is super fast. I can image tapping them if I am too long in final approach as very reliable method (yeah, I know the cons…but this risk can be more acceptable than powerlines or something else in many situations)

Speedbar is soft and short. It is probably slightly longer than on my beloved Summit XC4, but just 2 cm. Glider speed up significantly on first bar, turning second bar significant acceleration again. Of course if you go -0,2 ms on trim, it is bad option go to full speed but glide seems very nice even at full bar at first impression.

Brakes are medium but first reaction is faster than usual. It was really fun to try fast or flat turns. Strange thing is that glider slightly bends, it looks almost like start of negative spin, but glider is still flying. Even is tiny bubbles scattered by strong wind I usually managed to the top pilots, few times above all. Feeling is very sensitive, but still compact and calm in Lightness 2 harness, approx 91/100 kg.

Collapses on trim speed are easy, reminded me all easy EN-B gliders I flew. Reinflation is very fast and Sigma holds direction very good. Only the reinflation is can be more violent, it sometimes bumped me up little, I do not remember this from the Summit. Doing collapses on speed seemed too low therefore too risky to me (coward :-)).

I like attention to detail, only the magnets could be stronger. Brake fell of two times and I almost did not notice once it was through lines. Glider and lines seems more fragile than usual gliders, but it is difficult predict based on short feeling.

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