My name is Peter Kozisek. Paragliding has fascinated me for a long time and after basic course I knew flying will change my life. 3rd year after the license, I flown a total of 400 hours (in 4th 600 hours, in 5th 800 hours). Did also few competitions, usually not on the tail, despite preferring safer gliders.

This blog started during a long parawaiting period and reason is just sharing my thoughts. I hate marketing propaganda and if you search for honest opinion about paragliding issues, this place can provide you some, as I have no worries telling something does not work perfectly.
Feel free to check my flights, and also to comment anything.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I came onto your site to read the review you posted about a paraglider I’m looking at buying. I would have been quite thankful for someone taking the time and effort to post a review … but honestly, what’s with the comment that colours and design are best left to women? Do you really need to put female paraglider down like that?

  2. Hi Peter!
    Do you have more experience with the Gyps?
    I’m also thinking about it, but I’m also around 85-90, so I would be in the low range.
    Do you recommend this, or better to be loaded heavily?

    1. Hi Gyozo, I have no more experience, because I found used Trango for very nice price, and only expensive Gypses, and then it seemed I might be good in competitions. But for sure Gyps is nice to turn and play, and if you are experienced more weight means more fun with upper weight range that I am sure.

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