A collapse and recovery

When flying through inversion layer I hit a turbulence caused a collapse. Some can say collapse is massive (80%), some can say collapse is small (extra fast and smooth recovery).

Technical: glider is UP Summit XC4, size SM, EN-B safety certification, almost new, loaded in middle. I do not remember if I was not on a speedbar, there is some possibility.
Preceding a collapse I felt sudden raise, a bubble/turbulence pulled me up, together with my harness and my glider. But going out of bubble was swift, after a second, leaving me with harness continue up for longer time than glider (85 kg vs. 5 kg), leaving a glider unloaded for a moment, and collapsed.
I stopped feeling the glider, in other words, glider was felt extremely soft. I used both brakes for a short time, and intensively. Feeling the glider start regaining the tension, I released both brakes, after which left tip collapsed. As glider had minimal speed, I unconsciously did not brake again heavily, just slightly right side to avoid any turns (=brake healthy side)
The collapse was quickly recovered with minimal height loss. What would happen with no input is difficult to predict, definitely bigger overshoot, maybe with rotation initation to the left.
There was no time to think, braking little bit longer could initiate stall, not braking was risking a much wilder recovery. Train collapses often to get it in your reflexes 🙂
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