A World cup in Andradas, Brasil

Andradas is a relatively small town of 50 000 people living bellow mountains. It has high altitude of 800 meters above sea, so the temperature in the end of Summer is still acceptable for most of the day. The town contains some nice areas with churches or parks, and many ugly areas with parking places. There are many shops with cosmetics and optics.

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Small troubles with big travel

Here it is. I am qualified to the Paragliding World Cup (PWC) in Brasil and booked a flight. The plan is not to have big plans. PWC in Brazil, then somehow go to Peru in three weeks to meet my wife and have a real holiday, and after that go to PWC in Argentina where I should also qualify, and then decide what to do next.

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School EN-A glider usability for cross country

Every year I read discussions of impotent EN-A school gliders, especially in flats. As a curious mammal I needed to validate it. Fortunately I know well some school owners and agreed to borrow an EN-A certified – UP Ascent 4 (next “School glider”) for some test flights. Not sure how different are other brands.

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UP Trango X-Race review after 80 hours

New EN-C gliders are so expensive. Fortunately, an advert with acceptable price for slightly used UP Trango X-Race, sold by a very skilled pilot, was too hard to refuse. I fly at 90 kg from 78-100 kg certified range in Advance Lightness 2 harness and bellow you will find my extensive experience after about 80 thermic hours with it.

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Advance Sigma 10 – first impressions

I was lucky to get new Sigma 10 for flight. Ziad’s reviews are always positive, but the one for S10 is extremely positive. My experience was limited mostly to 50 minutes of soaring strong but laminar wind (7-10 ms), fortunately with tiny thermic activity.

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