How to choose the first paraglider

Purchasing the first glider is always a challenge. The article describes my steps from very beginning to first 100+ km flights and reading this story of mine could give you some insight what you can appreciate and what you can hate on your first paraglider.¬† Continue reading “How to choose the first paraglider”

Advance Lightness 2 – experience after a year of usage

The harness is more important then a glider for all except competition ambitious pilots. Lets summarize my impressions and experience after a full season of flying in Advance Lightness 2.

“High” EN-B gliders comparison for 2015

Everyone wants to fly the best paraglider. Last year I was lucky to try several gliders and as an experienced newbie in paragliding sport, my notes could benefit other pilots. The gliders: Advance Iota, Axis Comet 2, Gin Carrera+, Gradient Nevada and UP Summit XC3.

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